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Pariganakaya Digital Awareness Program


A digitally empowered society where all citizens, regardless of background or location, have the knowledge and skills to navigate the digital world safely, confidently, and responsibly.


To bridge the digital divide by providing accessible, inclusive, and comprehensive digital literacy training to individuals and communities. We aim to empower them with the skills and knowledge needed to:

Access and utilize digital technologies and online resources effectively.
Understand and mitigate the risks associated with digital activities, such as cyber threats, misinformation, and online scams.
Participate fully in the digital economy, education, and social interactions.
Advocate for a safe, inclusive, and equitable digital environment.
Core Values:

Accessibility: We strive to make digital literacy training available to everyone, regardless of their socioeconomic status, location, or abilities.
Inclusivity: We design our programs to be culturally sensitive, language-appropriate, and adaptable to diverse learning styles and needs.
Empowerment: We believe that digital literacy is a fundamental right, and we empower individuals to take control of their digital lives.
Collaboration: We partner with community organizations, government agencies, and other stakeholders to maximize our impact and reach.
Innovation: We constantly seek new and effective ways to deliver digital literacy training, utilizing the latest technologies and teaching methods.