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“This program is themed around the transition from digital technology to digital culture.”

As a web developer with over 12 years of experience, I am passionate about creating engaging and user-friendly websites that inform and inspire. I currently work at Avissawella.com, a local news and information portal, where I design, develop, and maintain the website using WordPress, HTML5, and other web technologies. I also ensure the website is responsive, secure, and accessible across different devices and browsers.
Besides web development, I also have a flair for writing and web promotion. I contribute articles on web development, IT, and other topics to various online platforms, such as Pariganakaya.com and Singularity Hub. I also leverage my skills in SEO, social media, and web analytics to optimize the performance and reach of my own and my clients’ websites. My mission is to share my knowledge and expertise with others and help them achieve their online goals.